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Different types of blushers

With summer coming to an end and autumn just around the corner, cool nights are set to bring out your glow. If the cold weather alone isn’t enough to put some colour back into your cheeks, get some help from one of best known make-up brands.… Read more
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Night Skin Care Products

We are all aware of the importance of washing the face before retiring to bed and removing any cosmetics and makeup. However, did you also know that your routine as you head to bed can also greatly affect the way your skin will look on the next day? If you really want to begin the day on the right note, you need to actually start thinking about it the night before. The following skin care tips are designed to help your skin glow the next day: Cleanse your Skin Sometimes it is tempting to just get into… Read more
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Top Post-Summer Hair Masks

Summer can often leave your hair feeling dry, lifeless or frizzy, but don’t despair; help is at hand with some intensive hair masks that will restore silkiness to your locks. Colouring, bleaching and over- exposure to styling products, heat, chlorine and solar rays all strip the moisture from hair; regularly treating your hair to a luxurious hair mask is the most effective way to rehydrate dull and tired tresses in time for autumn’s new styles. To discover some of our favourite inte… Read more
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Perfect and easy foot care

Foot care during the summer is essential for lots of reasons. During these months is when we show off our feet the most in strappy sandals and flip flops, not to mention poolside bathing and swimming in the sea. The environment can have an effect on our feet that may mean extra care should be taken. Getting a pedicure is paramount to taking care of your feet but can be expensive. There are some ways in which you can save money by giving yourself a pedicure at home.… Read more
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The Best after sun products by Perfume’s Club

The importance of Sun Cream has been emphasised for years, it is fair to say that everyone knows how important it is, but after sun is something that many of us overlook. If you want to maintain your tan, protect your skin from aging and ensure a youthful glow then you need to be taking your after sun skin care regime seriously.… Read more
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Get your summer manicure

For nail art fans, summer is a fantastic time to enjoy a fresh colour palette, new styles and the introduction of bright new trends that reflect the joyful, holiday-themed spirit of the season. Whether you are an Essie, O.P.I, Chanel or Guerlain fan, there is something for everyone.… Read more
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Taking Good Care for Beauty Products during Summer

Beauty products can be very sensitive that is why it helps to learn the best way to take care of them. It is fairly common for cosmetics to get damaged after only a short while of use. It can be frustrating when you spend money on the best brands of beauty care products and then watch as it all goes to waste just because you didn’t provide the necessary attention.… Read more
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Hair care tips for summer

As summer descends upon us, our thoughts start to turn to barbeques, and time at the beach. We are all mostly conscious of using skin care, and solar protection products to look after our skin, especially when laying in the sun. But we may not be as conscious about the needs of our hair during this warmer and sunnier period of the year. Here are some ideas and tips which may help.… Read more
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Prepare your body for summer

Early preparation of your body for summer will save you the mad panic that is associated with this season. It is, therefore, crucial to engage in activities and routines that will lead to a good summer body. It is necessary to adjust slowly to the summer mood by getting rid of the winter blues.… Read more
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Discover Travalo, travel sized fragrances

Travalo is a modern perfume company that has created a range of portable perfume bottles that users can take with them wherever they go. These types of portable perfume sprays are ideal for people who like to smell good at all times and the advantage of this type of portable perfume spray is that they are small enough to fit in the pocket and ideal for taking on a trip, to a club or even to the gym.… Read more
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Calvin Klein Has Something Exciting for Everyone

Summer is almost here and Calvin Klein Perfumes have amazing scents for everyone, no matter who you are or what you’re looking for. Whatever your spring style, whatever your mood or taste, you’re sure to find a fragrance to express yourself and get noticed. With Calvin Klein, you’ll find a solid line of unique male fragrances, women perfumes, and unisex perfumes that are certain to satisfy every taste and every mood.… Read more
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The Top Make-Up Trends for Spring 2016

In the coming weeks, we can expect the cold doldrums of winter to be replaced with the warm and inviting days of spring. The sun will be high in the sky, our wardrobes will be lighter and brighter and for many of us, this transition can directly equate to the make-up choices that we employ. The only issue is that it may sometimes be difficult to appreciate the most popular styles and hues which serve to accentuate this time of the year. Let us therefore have an in-depth look at the top make-up tren… Read more
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The magnificence of Dior products

Dior have been creating stunning scents and cosmetics since 1947, with every offering from this high profile company simply getting sweeter and sweeter. Both Dior Fragrances and Dior Make-up are world renowned for their quality in both design and application, so it is no surprise that the new offerings have been widely received as some of the top offerings from this time proven company. Dior Cosmetics and Make-Up CAPTURE XP Serum This gel serum is all you will ever need to instantly firm… Read more
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Tips on Taking Care of Sensitive Skin

The skin can be very sensitive, and without the right amount of care, it can suffer damages. Sensitive skin needs extra attention because it is susceptible to harm from germs, bacteria, and dust. From using sunscreen protection to hydrating cream, there is a lot you can for your skin to keep it healthy. Clean your Face A clean face is very crucial. There is a lot of exposure that you have to face throughout the day, and the skin absorbs an enormous part of it. Running around at work, in the stree… Read more
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Spring Perfumes for Women

As we leave winter behind and see spring come from around the corner in to full view, the trend and scent of popular perfumes for women begins to shift to dictate the changing weather and changing attitudes both in a personal sense and in a fashion sense. The winter months are generally seen in a perfume sense to evoke a feeling of warmth, oaky depth and home comfort, whereas when the playfulness of the spring months greets us, we see a swerve in the direction of more floral, lighter and less hea… Read more
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Skin Caviar Luxe Cream by La Prairie

If you have been desperately searching for a lightweight and yet powerful lifting skin care cream, you will be truly amazed at what Skin Caviar Luxe Cream by La Prairie has to offer. Boasting a nearly weightless and silky composition, this cream is ideal for any women who has been frustrated with thicker materials that tend to leave an unsightly residue after their application. So, let us take a closer look at what this revolutionary skin care system has in store.… Read more

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