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Foot care during the summer is essential for lots of reasons. During these months is when we show off our feet the most in strappy sandals and flip flops, not to mention poolside bathing and swimming in the sea. The environment can have an effect on our feet that may mean extra care should be taken. Getting a pedicure is paramount to taking care of your feet but can be expensive. There are some ways in which you can save money by giving yourself a pedicure at home.… Read more
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«It’s hot outside, I’m in my shorts and my skin is covered in fake tan and sunscreen. I long for a holiday – somewhere next to the sea, with hot men and cold drinks and a chic European vibe.… Read more
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The importance of Sun Cream has been emphasised for years, it is fair to say that everyone knows how important it is, but after sun is something that many of us overlook. If you want to maintain your tan, protect your skin from aging and ensure a youthful glow then you need to be taking your after sun skin care regime seriously.… Read more
For nail art fans, summer is a fantastic time to enjoy a fresh colour palette, new styles and the introduction of bright new trends that reflect the joyful, holiday-themed spirit of the season. Whether you are an Essie, O.P.I, Chanel or Guerlain fan, there is something for everyone.… Read more
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Beauty products can be very sensitive that is why it helps to learn the best way to take care of them. It is fairly common for cosmetics to get damaged after only a short while of use. It can be frustrating when you spend money on the best brands of beauty care products and then watch as it all goes to waste just because you didn’t provide the necessary attention.… Read more
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As summer descends upon us, our thoughts start to turn to barbeques, and time at the beach. We are all mostly conscious of using skin care, and solar protection products to look after our skin, especially when laying in the sun. But we may not be as conscious about the needs of our hair during this warmer and sunnier period of the year. Here are some ideas and tips which may help.… Read more
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It is not easy to find the perfect red lipstick that suits you perfectly in every ocasion, but we have made a top 10 ranking for you in order to make your decision a little more easy.… Read more
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Clarins is a French skin care company that provides products worldwide. The cosmetics company has been providing beauty products for both men and women since 1954. What set Clarins apart when it was founded was the use of plant extracts to make products.… Read more
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Early preparation of your body for summer will save you the mad panic that is associated with this season. It is, therefore, crucial to engage in activities and routines that will lead to a good summer body. It is necessary to adjust slowly to the summer mood by getting rid of the winter blues.… Read more
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