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Hydration of skin in autumn

Autumn is a beautiful season. The nights are cosier, the leaves on the trees turn from green to golden brown and, of course, it is pumpkin season. On a personal level however, the colder weather can present various challenges, not in the least those related to skin care and body care. Autumn winds dry out the skin, while indoor heating becomes necessary, causing further sensitivity and hydration issues. It is a time when specialist skin care is needed, and we at Perfume’s Club aim to… Read more

How to makeup perfect nude lips

This season, (and every season, for that matter!) nude lips are an essential makeup must have for any lip shape or size. Whether you want to mix with a smokey eye, long lashes and killer dress for a party, or wear for the office or lunch with the girls, this lip colour suits everyone and every occasion. And getting it right can be easy, with the right preparation and the right products and shades in your bag. … Read more

Thermal Water Benefits

Anybody who’s ever shopped for a cosmetics and beauty products will know how easy it is to be blinded by science, confused by wishy washy claims, or gobsmacked by a price tag. If you believed everything you read, shopping would become impossible. But which products actually work and won’t cripple the bank balance? Some of the best and price friendly on the market are available from now! Whatever your beauty routine or skin type, there is something for you. The ben… Read more

Hair loss prevention treatments

It can be quite distressing when you first realise your hair is getting thinner, but don’t worry: there are a range of hair products available to help slow down or stop the hair loss, and some treatments are so effective that they may even help your hair become thicker and more luscious.… Read more

Anti-Dark Spots Cosmetics

Have you started noticing some unevenness on your skin of late? Acne scars, age spots, pregnancy marks, darkened areas among other types of skin discolouration can make you feel older than your age and may prompt you to go for harsh cosmetic lightening products, surgery or several natural treatment procedures available today. … Read more

Woody Perfumes for Autumn

Autumn is the perfect time to try out something woodsy and earthy when it comes to your scent. Fortunately, there are lots of perfumes out there that fit the bill. If you’re looking for autumn perfumes as the weather turns cool, these are wonderful choices that you’re going to love.… Read more

Different types of blushers

With summer coming to an end and autumn just around the corner, cool nights are set to bring out your glow. If the cold weather alone isn’t enough to put some colour back into your cheeks, get some help from one of best known make-up brands.… Read more

Night Skin Care Products

We are all aware of the importance of washing the face before retiring to bed and removing any cosmetics and makeup. However, did you also know that your routine as you head to bed can also greatly affect the way your skin will look on the next day? If you really want to begin the day on the right note, you need to actually start thinking about it the night before. The following skin care tips are designed to help your skin glow the next day: Cleanse your Skin Sometimes it is tempting to just get into… Read more

Top Post-Summer Hair Masks

Summer can often leave your hair feeling dry, lifeless or frizzy, but don’t despair; help is at hand with some intensive hair masks that will restore silkiness to your locks. Colouring, bleaching and over- exposure to styling products, heat, chlorine and solar rays all strip the moisture from hair; regularly treating your hair to a luxurious hair mask is the most effective way to rehydrate dull and tired tresses in time for autumn’s new styles. To discover some of our favourite inte… Read more

Perfect and easy foot care

Foot care during the summer is essential for lots of reasons. During these months is when we show off our feet the most in strappy sandals and flip flops, not to mention poolside bathing and swimming in the sea. The environment can have an effect on our feet that may mean extra care should be taken. Getting a pedicure is paramount to taking care of your feet but can be expensive. There are some ways in which you can save money by giving yourself a pedicure at home.… Read more

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