Author: PerfumesClub


The freshest men’s fragrances for this summer

 Men also like to smell good in summer. And one of the feelings that we all prefer at this time of year is, undoubtedly, the freshness of light and attractive aromas, which help us to beat the heat and also provide us with a touch of summer fun. Are you...


Suiskin, cosmetics of Korean biotechnology

Surely many of you have heard at some occasion of the great efficiency and evolution of Korean cosmetic treatments, for many one of the greatest in the world of beauty. Well, today we have the great pleasure to present in the blog of Perfume’s Club one of the most exclusive...


Piz Buin tan intensifier, for a perfect tan

  As soon as the sun begins to appear, we all want to be tanned almost immediately. But this doesn’t mean that we don’t have to take care of our skin. It’s true that we can’t go to the beach without a good sunscreen, but it’s also true that we...

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