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In summer, the best for your hair is oil

  Men and women with beautiful, healthy, shiny hair have one thing in common – the care for their hair with quality products. When summer comes around, everybody loves to soak up the sun, but with the sun come harmful UV rays. Too much sun exposure, combined with chlorine from the pool, or salt from the ocean can cause havoc with your hair. If you love sunbathing and swimming, protect your hair with quality shampoos and conditioners containing beneficial ingredients. Take care of y… Read more

Tips and products to tame your hair

Whether your hair is curly, straight or somewhere in between, to get the most polished and smooth style you need to manage unruly hair. Those flyaway ends can ruin a hairstyle and make your overall look seem messy, even if the rest of you isn’t.… Read more

Novelties in hair products: prepare for summer

With summer just around the corner, many of us are already planning to swap sweaters for sundresses, and stocking up on suncream. Hair care often comes a little further down the to-do list. However, a winter of central heating and “hat hair” all too often leaves even the once most lustrous locks dry, frizzy, and peppered with split ends. Luckily, there are some great new hair products on the market that are just right to get your hair summer ready, and keep it that way. We check o… Read more

Hair loss prevention treatments

It can be quite distressing when you first realise your hair is getting thinner, but don’t worry: there are a range of hair products available to help slow down or stop the hair loss, and some treatments are so effective that they may even help your hair become thicker and more luscious.… Read more

Top Post-Summer Hair Masks

Summer can often leave your hair feeling dry, lifeless or frizzy, but don’t despair; help is at hand with some intensive hair masks that will restore silkiness to your locks. Colouring, bleaching and over- exposure to styling products, heat, chlorine and solar rays all strip the moisture from hair; regularly treating your hair to a luxurious hair mask is the most effective way to rehydrate dull and tired tresses in time for autumn’s new styles. To discover some of our favourite inte… Read more

Hair care tips for summer

As summer descends upon us, our thoughts start to turn to barbeques, and time at the beach. We are all mostly conscious of using skin care, and solar protection products to look after our skin, especially when laying in the sun. But we may not be as conscious about the needs of our hair during this warmer and sunnier period of the year. Here are some ideas and tips which may help.… Read more

I.C.O.N. hair products: professional quality

Why don’t you take care of your hair at home like they do on your beauty salon? I.C.O.N. is the newness in Perfumes Club, hair products with professional quality for taking care of your hair now at home. I.C.O.N. is a professional hair products brand that stills innovating since 2002. It’s a company who bets on long term cosmetics benefits. They don’t want their products to seem a transient trend, they want to be in the industry for years and evidenced by their ECO friendly philosophy… Read more

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