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Why should you use a hair conditioner?

Would you like to have spectacular hair? If your hair has lost its luster and no longer has the same texture, it’s time to forget about the laziness and start using a conditioner every time you wash it. From now on, shampoo and conditioner must be inseparable in your hair washing routine. And as soon as you know its advantages you’ll know why!… Read more

Biolage Smooththerapie from Matrix, natural care for your hair

Matrix hair styling products have branched out to bring you the latest innovation in hair care: their Biolage Smooththerapie range. The heart of these products is the delicate Camellia flower, which has been used for centuries to repair split ends and create silky smooth hair. If other essential oils leave your hair heavy and stringy, fear not! The Camellia oil in Biolage Smooththerapie from Matrix maintains natural volume in cool weather whilst fighting frizz when it’s warm a… Read more

Hair care in summer

When the warm months of spring and summer arrive, we all begin to think of ways to combine fashion with comfort. How do we pick clothes that look great while still allowing us to keep cool and move freely in the heat? How do we look stunning while daubing our faces with sunscreen? There is one other concern that is often neglected: the effect that these seasons have on your hair. Make no mistake, spring and summer can have a surprisingly negative impact on this area unless proper steps are taken… Read more

Anti-Frizz-Tips for Curly Hair (II)

  We already gave you some Anti-Frizz-Tips for Curly Hair earlier.  As this is an extensive topic, we continue with the second part sharing more tips about how to control frizziness. Wear a bun Apply some serum from the middle part of your hair toward the ends, and when your hair is almost dry, take your mane and make it into a bun.  Use a clamp or fork to hold it in order to avoid marks and release your hair just before leaving the house.  Apart from achieving natural waves you will also e… Read more

Anti-Frizz-Tips for Curly Hair (I)

We know how worried you are about your hair’s frizziness:  this enemy of your hair that attacks anytime all year around.  Rainy days, relative humidity (…and not so relative…), dehydration of your capillary fiber caused by excess of sun or hairstyling products,… All these factors, together with the nature of some hair types may make it to be quite an endeavor to prevent your hair from curling. Earlier, we gave some general advice on how to control hair frizziness for all h… Read more
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UNIQ ONE Hair Treatment by Revlon

Our hair has many necessities.  This requires different treatments and therefore products for our hair to cover them.  Revlon has created one that synthesizes a lot of these needs:  UNIQ ONE All in One Hair Treatment, a spray-mask without the need for rinsing that offers to meet up to 10 main needs our hair has: 1 – Repairs dry and damaged hair. 2 – Offers shine and frizz control.… Read more
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Spring-Summer Hairstyles 2013

Do you know a change or simply keep updated about the latest hairstyle trends this season? We tell you about them one by one.   Wavy Bob or Curly Bob The “bob” hairstyle is a trend that never goes out of style, also called wavy or curly bob. Be prepared to lose a few inches and gain a whole new look. You may even discover that your hair reacts differently with a brand new cut. Your curls may take on better definition. Your waves may become thicker and even shinier, esp. with the help of hair… Read more
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Beauty tips for long hair

Long hair looks nice as long as it is well cared for. If it is damaged, it will draw more attention. Keeping your hair long takes time and effort and we often forget to dedicate the attention it deserves. In case you have long hair, do not miss to follow our easy steps to help you get a superb hair. 1. Don’t get fixated with hair wash Wash your hair in case it needs washing. Depending on the scalp (oily, dry, sensitive) hair will get dirty sooner or later. Watch out and do not wash in excess: you… Read more
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Beauty tips after an evening party

What a good time we have when we go partying…! And how hard the next day is… Our body suffers from the consequences of tiredness, lack of sleep and too much alcohol (internal and external) and then the dreaded hangover appears. Unfortunately, there is no other way than going through it, but we can do something about our appearance which often suffers … a lot. We are here to help. Here are some tips that can help you look better than you feel after a night out: Face cleansing What a… Read more
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Top tips to know while using hair straighteners

Despite the bad reputation they had for for years, nowadays hair straighteners are unharmful for the hair and if well used, they let you style your hair the way you want, keeping a healthy look. We provide some tips for the correct use of hair straighteners: Get your hair ready Brush/comb your hair to remove the rest of dirt, grease or products before using the hair iron or you may damage it. In order to get manageable hair and get a good look after applying the iron, it is important the washing &… Read more

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