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Redken: Science for hair

The product’s family from Perfumes Club continues to grow. We are proud to introduce a new brand for professional hair care: REDKEN. For those who did not hear about this brand, we will talk about it in this post. A brand with background Redken Laboratories were founded in 1960, inspired...

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Tricks to control frizzy hair

No matter the season, some hair sufferers live their worst nightmare throughout the year: curliness. Humid climates, fine hair or dehydrated, poorly defined curls, … there are many causes and consequences for frizzy hair. We will provide some easy steps to control frizzy hair: 1. Avoid daily hair wash Daily...

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Hair types and products that may help

Get to know yourself better, your skin type, face shape or your scalp. It is essential to make the most of your features and get advantage of your beauty full potential. Regarding hair, identify the type of hair you have will help us know what kind of products should be...

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Split Ends: Prevention Treatments

Sick of split ends? On Perfume’s Club we tell you the reason for split ends, their causes and the most important, solutions. Why do split ends occur? Split ends may occur when the hair cuticle has been damaged. Cuticles are like flakes that, when closed, protect the hair structure and...

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SOS post-Summer hair

The end of Summer is usually hard, not always leaving us a positive print, by the way! Heat, sun, sea baths, leave undesired consequences on our body, skin or hair. The sun destroys the capillary fibers and the wind, sand, sea salt and swimming-pools chlorine contribute to hair dryness. Due...

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5 tips for blow drying hair in Summer

1. During the Summer season, you can let hair air out. If you avoid it because your hair tends to frizz, there are lots of anti-frizz products that will help you control it and enjoy your natural hair. Advice: the air space where you are must circulate and be renewed...

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GHD Air hair dryer

We know too well great GHD’s hair stylers. Now the firm, leader in the market presents its first GHD Air hair dryer. The New GHD Air professional hairdryer – the perfect fusion of GHD design and salon power. The GHD Air is the first hairdryer from big haircare brand GHD,...

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