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Are you looking forward to wear your spring look? Do you want to fill with light and color your look to face the spring with a big smile? The great designers and stylists have already submitted their proposals for the upcoming months. Would you like to know which are the...


Makeup trends for summer 2014

  Naturally, with the summer months fast approaching, most of us will be reaching for the bronzer this spring to get our warm glow off to a healthy start. You can work the magic just like a catwalk diva using Clinique’s fabulous range of lightweight products. Summer trends are all...


Yves Saint Laurent: Makeup, Cosmetics and Luxury Perfumes

  Founded in 1961, Yves Saint Laurent is one of the major fashion houses in the world. In 1966, it was the first high-couture brand to launch the modern concept of prêt-à-porter women’s luxury through a collection named «Rive Gauche». Throughout the years, its innovative styles have become icons of...


Make-up-tips to conceal tiredness

Returning from holidays picking up daily routine, again, with its time changes, daily stress and anxiety,… play hard with our face.  Our face is the mirror of our soul – and a stressed and tired soul will show: bags and rings under the eyes, dull skin,… definitely a sad face....

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Tips for perfect red lips

 The red lipstick is, without any doubt, one of the highlights in make-up products.  It is not only difficult to pick the right lipstick, but also to achieve perfectly painted red lips is not an easy task…  This is why we’d love to give you some good advice andtips on...

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Makeup for combination and oily skin: no shine!

After Summer arrival and after that, combination and oily skin suffer from the appearance of shine, esp. in the “T zone” area. In order to avoid the appearance of that shine and keep a matte long-lasting makeup, follow the following TIPS: Use cleansers, astringent tonics, moisturizing creams, BB cream or...

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Summer’s Beauty Basics

With summer’s arrival the way we take care of our beauty changes, and so should our cosmetics we use. Hera are some of those we consider BASIC BEAUTY PRODUCTS FOR SUMMER: Facial Cleansing: Oil-Free Products  Having normal or combination skin, in summer humidity and high temperatures cause your face to...

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