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Novelties In Perfumes: Spring Season

The spring season comes with warmer temperatures necessitating you to wear your perfume throughout a day. You can wear expensive matching clothing; have fascinating accessories and a catchy haircut to enhance elegance and style. As the season sets in, you will need to change the clothes in the wardrobe.… Read more

Best beauty gifts for Father’s Day

In the month of June our thoughts turn to celebrating the men in our lives, with the arrival of father s day. This year think about treating your Dad to something really special from a prestige beauty brand, that will make him feel pampered with luxurious ingredients and fragrances from around the world. Here’s our pick of four of the best treats for father s day. … Read more

4 Reasons why you should change your perfume for a summer fragrance

Summer is a season for warm weather, rejuvenated mood, and a time to cherish the simple pleasures in life. During this season, most people prefer to change their fragrance preferences and you will find major perfume brands advertising their summer perfume brands. The fragrance we wear during the winter season is heavier and lasts longer because the body does not sweat much during this period.… Read more

6 Spring Perfumes for Men and Women

With spring rolling around, you might want to freshen up your clothes and shoe collection. To fully welcome the new season you should also renew your perfume collection by adding brand new thrilling fragrances in your life. Spring perfumes are fresh, citrusy, clean and playful. Reinvent yourself with the following six scents for women and men: 1. Versace – Dylan Blue for men Versace came out with a new aromatic scent that combines woody accents with aquatic notes. There are also hints… Read more

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s February, which means that it is that month of the year when people in relationships and people with secret crushes spend an inordinate amount of time agonizing over what kinds of gifts they are going to buy for the special people in their lives! If that description sums up your situation, then fear not, you need look no further in your search for the perfect present. This is not the time to be making mistakes. Beauty products can be a minefield for a man but stick to our trusty guide to so… Read more

Advance your Christmas shoppings

Finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones can be so much fun, and there is no feeling quite like knowing that you have finished all your Christmas shopping weeks before the big day. So, why not pick up some treats for friends and family online right now? Perfume: the perfect gift A well chosen perfume or cologne is the perfect gift for anyone. Choosing a scent that complements the recipient’s tastes and personality is a real pleasure, and it adds an element of thoughtfulness to the… Read more

Woody Perfumes for Autumn

Autumn is the perfect time to try out something woodsy and earthy when it comes to your scent. Fortunately, there are lots of perfumes out there that fit the bill. If you’re looking for autumn perfumes as the weather turns cool, these are wonderful choices that you’re going to love.… Read more

Discover Travalo, travel sized fragrances

Travalo is a modern perfume company that has created a range of portable perfume bottles that users can take with them wherever they go. These types of portable perfume sprays are ideal for people who like to smell good at all times and the advantage of this type of portable perfume spray is that they are small enough to fit in the pocket and ideal for taking on a trip, to a club or even to the gym.… Read more

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