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There is nothing more personal than a perfume. Whether is for man, woman or unisex, a fragrance identifies to the person who wears it and speaks a lot about its personality. Therefore, it is important that you choose the fragrance on the market that better fits you. And this doesn’t...


Chance by Chanel: the perfume for a romantic woman

Chanel brand says sophistication and individuality to any perfume connoisseur. The world over, cocktail parties, award ceremonies and boardrooms are filled with scents by Chanel. When you go shopping to buy perfumes for woman, the first thing that comes to mind is Chanel brand. Women appreciate the choice, men love...


Perfumes for this summer

With the top brands once again treating us to a blur of fabulous perfumes, this summer is the perfect time to invest in your favourite scent. Fragrances for warmer days are best when they have a feminine heart, so whether your signature perfumes for this summer will be grown-up and...

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Perfumes for your wedding day

What does a bride smell like? We usu. relate weddings with aromas of flowers, a bride’s bouquet, the decoration flowers for a joyful day so full of life and color like this one,… Regarding perfumes, the same happens: floral fragrances are the bride’s favorites on their wedding day. Although all...


Yves Saint Laurent: Makeup, Cosmetics and Luxury Perfumes

  Founded in 1961, Yves Saint Laurent is one of the major fashion houses in the world. In 1966, it was the first high-couture brand to launch the modern concept of prêt-à-porter women’s luxury through a collection named «Rive Gauche». Throughout the years, its innovative styles have become icons of...


Adolfo Domínguez, the timelessness of cosmetics and perfumes

  Adolfo Domínguez, Spanish textile company with presence nowadays in 48 countries. Its distinctive feature is the design component combined with careful attention to shapes and the use of high quality materials; it is the brand by excellence in the creation of unique luxury items. Due to their environmental awareness,...

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Beauty Tips for Sports People

 A sports person’s skin is exposed to many external agents (sun, cold, snow, wind, Chlorine,…) and hurts more than other skin types (dehydration, obstructed pores,…).  Therefore, they need some extra beauty care.  We present you some beauty tips for sports people you might want to bear in mind:   Protect...

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CK Downtown: The new urban fragrance by Calvin Klein

Downtown is the new women’s fragrance by Calvin Klein, launched in summer 2013, but fit for all year around.  Inspired by the modern, young, urban woman, Downtown is aiming for occupying a top spot within women’s perfumes as did Euphoria before, or do even better.  Will this come true?  Lets get...

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Summer’s Beauty Basics

With summer’s arrival the way we take care of our beauty changes, and so should our cosmetics we use. Hera are some of those we consider BASIC BEAUTY PRODUCTS FOR SUMMER: Facial Cleansing: Oil-Free Products  Having normal or combination skin, in summer humidity and high temperatures cause your face to...

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Citrus perfumes: fruity energy

  Perfume does not live by flowers alone. Fruit is also an important component in cologne, eau de toilette and eau de perfumes. Among all fruity notes, the freshest and lighter are citrus: bergamot, orange, tangerine, lemon, grapefruit, … the olfactory family. These citrus essences provide a sparkling touch, energizing...

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