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The Best after sun products by Perfume’s Club

The importance of Sun Cream has been emphasised for years, it is fair to say that everyone knows how important it is, but after sun is something that many of us overlook. If you want to maintain your tan, protect your skin from aging and ensure a youthful glow then you need to be taking your after sun skin care regime seriously.… Read more

Beauty Tips for Cold Climes

Sun Protection, Even in the Winter? Yes! Getting into a good skincare routine is something you’re never too old (or young) to do, and an important part of that is prevention of damage to your skin in the first place (as your granny always said, prevention is better than cure). Taking care of skin in the winter is trickier than you might think: for instance, sunscreen is essential to prevent skin damage if the sun’s out, even if the thermometer is low.… Read more

Piz Buin tan intensifier, for a perfect tan

  As soon as the sun begins to appear, we all want to be tanned almost immediately. But this doesn’t mean that we don’t have to take care of our skin. It’s true that we can’t go to the beach without a good sunscreen, but it’s also true that we can choose a tan intensifier that makes us be tanned faster and in a secure way. Tan Intensifier by Piz Buin is designed to provide you a quick, secure and beautiful tan. The secret of its success lies in that it activates the system of natur… Read more

Tips for a perfect sun care in summer

After the cold days of winter, when we have to make do with limited daylight hours, we love to get out in the sun! However, it’s important to protect ourselves from harmful ultraviolet rays, so let’s examine some useful tips for sun care. The best defence is a sunscreen with a high Sun Protection Factor (SDF), which should be applied thirty minutes before you venture out. Choose a waterproof version, and go for as high an SDF number as possible – Biotherm has a citrus-fla… Read more
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Tips to get fit for Summer

Perhaps the most difficult thing of good weather arrival is to eliminate the excess that our body has suffered during Winter. Good eating habits, exercise and some body cosmetics are some key points to get it. We give you our guide to get ready for Summer, easy and effective: Do exercise Gym or at home. Be constant. Take advantage of any occasion to go walking, run or move your body. Go out, dance, go up and down the stairs, ru after the bus, … move! Avoid sweets In food or drinks (carbonated so… Read more
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Bronze Makeup Look

If you have fair and sensitive skin, do not like sunbathing or simply do not have much chance to visit the beach or pool and want to have a healthy, summery look, do not miss our tricks to get a tanned, sun-kissed makeup. Look your tan without the negative effects of sun exposure.… Read more
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Anti-blemish cosmetics

The freckles and spots on the skin may occur due to genetic problems, age or because of pregnancy, but may also result from poor sun protection, the dark side of a summer of excessive sun exposure. The skin has a memory. At childhood, freckles look funny but with age they become “war” marks on our face, difficult to control once they appear, but not impossible to reduce or eliminate. In order to get help, our best allies are the anti-blemish products.… Read more
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The great 7 steps on Beauty problems

Thanks to the Beauty blogs, online publicity and makeup tutorials, there has been an increasing interest in cosmetics and beauty products. We know a lot about beauty but even so, there are still problems we cannot solve. We know the theory but what about the practice? Here you have some of the most common beauty problems and their suggested solutions.   MAKEUP BRUSH Problem: “My brushes are shattered and lost hair.” Solution: Wash them frequently. Residues are left i… Read more
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Summer Beauty Tipps

Summer is here. If you are one of those who fear the arrival of warm weather just because you did not have enough time to prepare yourself, don’t be scared: you are still on time to get ready following our advice. In previous posts we posted some tips to get ready for the summer giving advice about Body sculpt, reducing and anti-cellulite creams but now here you have some tricks to be perfect this Summer! – Take care of your body inside and out: some sports, good food (fruits, vegetable… Read more
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How to get a good tan in 3 steps

Tan in your very own backyard or at the beach. Good weather is here to stay, you visit the beach for the first time but the impact can be a little traumatic until you get golden-brown skin. The transition from “dazzling white” to a healthy color can be done as soon as possible, following some tips for getting a good tan taking advantage of the sun rays, while protecting it. Pay attention to the following tips: 1. Exfoliate & moisturize: in order to extend your suntan, it is imp… Read more

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