Sunglasses, the perfect partner for our eyes in summer

Sunglasses are never not cool. We all love to wear them and people who live in temperate zones have an extra reason for being pleased to put their sunglasses on, because doing so means that the sun is actually shining. Some people are never seen without them, as sunglasses are part of their image and identity. The likes of the poet John Cooper Clark, Jack Nicholson and Bob Dylan are synonymous with their shades and are almost never without them, whether indoors or out, day or night, sunny or sn… Read more
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Summer Beauty Tipps

Summer is here. If you are one of those who fear the arrival of warm weather just because you did not have enough time to prepare yourself, don’t be scared: you are still on time to get ready following our advice. In previous posts we posted some tips to get ready for the summer giving advice about Body sculpt, reducing and anti-cellulite creams but now here you have some tricks to be perfect this Summer! – Take care of your body inside and out: some sports, good food (fruits, vegetable… Read more
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Sunglasses history

Although it may seem a very modern invention, the sunglasses have been around for centuries. Marilyn created her own sunglasses style There are theories that place their appearance in the Roman Empire (quartz crystals were dyed for sun protection during performances) or Eskimo territories for over 2000 years. However, most studies place the origin of sunglasses in China in the 12th century or even earlier. Sunglasses were first made out of lenses that were flat panes of smoky quartz.… Read more
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Tips for choosing the right sunglasses

We love the sun, the endorphins that it produces and the healthy skin color that it provides. But not everything is positive … Ultraviolet radiation is dangerous if you do not protect your eyes and skin. Excessive exposure to sunlight without adequate protection can cause irreparable damage to our eyes so choosing the right sunglasses is essential. When doing so, you must be aware that they have the UV protection necessary for us to use them as well as the distinctive quality assur… Read more

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