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How to use coloured mascara

Wearing makeup has been a trend since the Ancient Egypt. In those years people resorted to eye makeup as a way to protect themselves against the evil spirits and to make them look more beautiful, of course. Those deep-set eyes really enticed one! Now, products designed by powerhouses such as Dior, Guerlain, and Chanel, has focused more on beautifying people, especially women, who, on a daily basis, must be both glamorous and powerful. There is nothing better than beautifully coloured e… Read more

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s February, which means that it is that month of the year when people in relationships and people with secret crushes spend an inordinate amount of time agonizing over what kinds of gifts they are going to buy for the special people in their lives! If that description sums up your situation, then fear not, you need look no further in your search for the perfect present. This is not the time to be making mistakes. Beauty products can be a minefield for a man but stick to our trusty guide to so… Read more

The best skin care tips to keep your hands healthy and beautiful

Our hands are so important. With them we write, gesture, tap on our smartphone screens, do pushups and play music. But, they are also among those body parts that are most exposed to the elements. Use the hand care tips below to ensure that your hands are looked after all the time!… Read more

Three Hairstyles For the Holidays

It’s that time of year again: the tree goes up, the tinsel comes out we spend a lovely day opening presents and gorging on roast dinners with our family. When it comes to prepping and preening yourself for Christmas day, it’s nice to get a little dressed up to make it extra special. While choosing that perfect Christmas outfit is a pretty straightforward task, creating the right hairstyle may be a little trickier. Luckily, we provide you with three fun and simple hairstyles and a produc… Read more

Get the perfect Christmas makeup

When the festive season comes around, many people want to do something extra special with their look. These simple tips for getting the best eye shadow, eyeliner and more for the holidays will ensure that you look your best at all of those Christmas parties. Now, you will be able to follow every Christmas trend – and create some of your own as well.… Read more

Advance your Christmas shoppings

Finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones can be so much fun, and there is no feeling quite like knowing that you have finished all your Christmas shopping weeks before the big day. So, why not pick up some treats for friends and family online right now? Perfume: the perfect gift A well chosen perfume or cologne is the perfect gift for anyone. Choosing a scent that complements the recipient’s tastes and personality is a real pleasure, and it adds an element of thoughtfulness to the… Read more

Hydration of skin in autumn

Autumn is a beautiful season. The nights are cosier, the leaves on the trees turn from green to golden brown and, of course, it is pumpkin season. On a personal level however, the colder weather can present various challenges, not in the least those related to skin care and body care. Autumn winds dry out the skin, while indoor heating becomes necessary, causing further sensitivity and hydration issues. It is a time when specialist skin care is needed, and we at Perfume’s Club aim to… Read more

How to makeup perfect nude lips

This season, (and every season, for that matter!) nude lips are an essential makeup must have for any lip shape or size. Whether you want to mix with a smokey eye, long lashes and killer dress for a party, or wear for the office or lunch with the girls, this lip colour suits everyone and every occasion. And getting it right can be easy, with the right preparation and the right products and shades in your bag. … Read more

Thermal Water Benefits

Anybody who’s ever shopped for a cosmetics and beauty products will know how easy it is to be blinded by science, confused by wishy washy claims, or gobsmacked by a price tag. If you believed everything you read, shopping would become impossible. But which products actually work and won’t cripple the bank balance? Some of the best and price friendly on the market are available from now! Whatever your beauty routine or skin type, there is something for you. The ben… Read more

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