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Spring-Summer Hairstyles 2013

Do you know a change or simply keep updated about the latest hairstyle trends this season? We tell you about them one by one.   Wavy Bob or Curly Bob The “bob” hairstyle is a trend that never goes out of style, also called wavy or curly bob. Be prepared to lose a few inches and gain a whole new look. You may even discover that your hair reacts differently with a brand new cut. Your curls may take on better definition. Your waves may become thicker and even shinier, esp. with the help of hair… Read more
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Summer’s Beauty Basics

With summer’s arrival the way we take care of our beauty changes, and so should our cosmetics we use. Hera are some of those we consider BASIC BEAUTY PRODUCTS FOR SUMMER: Facial Cleansing: Oil-Free Products  Having normal or combination skin, in summer humidity and high temperatures cause your face to perspire more than usual:  sweat, glister,…  In order to leave a brilliant, healthy impression a thorough facial cleansing is very important.  We highly recommend applying oi… Read more
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How to apply face cream

How do you apply your moisturizing cream? And your eye contour? There are two ways for the application of this kind of cosmetic: by spreading or by small amounts. Both techniques make the product penetrate the skin. But which one is the most effective? It seems that applying small amounts is better for the skin than spreading a bigger amount. Why? a) Small amounts of creams are less aggressive for the skin because this way, the skin does neither focuses on stretching and loosening so it suff… Read more
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Makeup Trends Spring-Summer 2013

Weather is coming and with it the colors! Spring-Summer makeup highlights due to the color explosion: acid, electric or lack of color. You’ll see a few chromatic half-measures this season… Would you like to see the latest makeup trends for this Season? Little by little… Acid lips     This season, we’ll see lips in neon and fluor lips. We bet on daring colors: electric pink, fluorescent orange… matte finish. Red lips will remain a trend, but with an acid touch, well defined.… Read more
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Eye makeup: Tips & tricks

Your eyes say a lot about you. If you are not giving the importance it deserves, here you have some eye makeup tricks to widen your look: – Correct puffiness and dark circles with the appropriate corrector tone (one or at least two shades lighter than your skin tone). You will leave your eyes ready for makeup – as if it was a canvas – and you will eliminate signs of fatigue on the face. – Apply a pre-base on the eye lids or neutral eye shadows to even out skin tone and hide imper… Read more
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Makeup mistakes and their solutions (II)

We continue to show you how to makeup, commenting on some of the most common makeup mistakes and how to avoid them. Pick makeup brushes: 5. Apply too much lipstick/lipgloss We all like looking a long lasting and intense color lipstick. There is a tendency to apply too much product or re-apply the lipgloss/lipstick during the day. Do not exceed applying the lipstick. There is a considerable risk that they will end up in a sticky texture, cracked or that they stain clothing.  Watch out! 6.… Read more
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Makeup mistakes and their solutions (I)

Your first major inroad into the makeup world? Entertaining and marvellous but may be a little complicated for beginners. Makeup should be the reflect of personal taste for each woman to enhance her natural beauty, not to hide it. So you must know it well. Learning how to apply makeup can be achieved with trial and error methods. Today, we would like to show you how to avoid making those mistakes. If you are new to makeup or you don’t wish to appear amateur, do not miss the following tricks to… Read more

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