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Beauty tips after an evening party

What a good time we have when we go partying…! And how hard the next day is… Our body suffers from the consequences of tiredness, lack of sleep and too much alcohol (internal and external) and then the dreaded hangover appears. Unfortunately, there is no other way than going through it, but we can do something about our appearance which often suffers … a lot. We are here to help. Here are some tips that can help you look better than you feel after a night out: Face cleansing What a… Read more
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Biotherm Blue Therapy: cosmetic water power

After scientific studies, Biotherm has found that only 20% of the aging signs are inevitable, indicating that the remaining 80% of the damage is repairable. Three waters from the world and the perfect fusion of three concentrated elements made possible the creation of Biotherm Blue Therapy, an innovative cosmetic product that activates skin repair from the inside to the outside. Wrinkles, dark spots and flaccidity disappear thanks to its 3 active extracts based on the benefits of so… Read more

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