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Different types of blushers

With summer coming to an end and autumn just around the corner, cool nights are set to bring out your glow. If the cold weather alone isn’t enough to put some colour back into your cheeks, get some help from one of best known make-up brands.… Read more
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Makeup mistakes and their solutions (I)

Your first major inroad into the makeup world? Entertaining and marvellous but may be a little complicated for beginners. Makeup should be the reflect of personal taste for each woman to enhance her natural beauty, not to hide it. So you must know it well. Learning how to apply makeup can be achieved with trial and error methods. Today, we would like to show you how to avoid making those mistakes. If you are new to makeup or you don’t wish to appear amateur, do not miss the following tricks to… Read more
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Beauty tips after an evening party

What a good time we have when we go partying…! And how hard the next day is… Our body suffers from the consequences of tiredness, lack of sleep and too much alcohol (internal and external) and then the dreaded hangover appears. Unfortunately, there is no other way than going through it, but we can do something about our appearance which often suffers … a lot. We are here to help. Here are some tips that can help you look better than you feel after a night out: Face cleansing What a… Read more
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How to pick a makeup foundation (part II): Texture & tone

In our previous post we gave some guidelines and tips for choosing a makeup foundation according to the skin tone and desired finish. In this one we will explain what type of foundations can be found and how to choose the right color. Makeup texture There are different types of makeup foundation according to their texture: –Fluid makeup foundation: provides luminous, long-lasting coverage. All skin types, esp. dry ones.… Read more

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