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Tips to take care of your feet at home

The fact of having our manicures done is a regular ritual in our beauty routine, and is that we all are aware of how important it is to show perfect hands as part of a cared look. Instead, not so many times our feet receive the same attention. A major error, both as aesthetically as for health. The foot care guarantees us a smooth walking. Avoiding problems with your nails and soften the calluses will help you walk better and, therefore, it will make you feel more comfortable during your everyda… Read more

Green tea honey drops honey by Elizabeth Arden for your body

If you have dry skin, sure you know how unpleasant it can be the arrival of summer and high temperatures. The need for proper hydration is even more extreme, and especially of a product that can be applied throughout the body to guarantee a feeling of complete comfort. Green tea honey drops body cream by Elizabeth Arden is specially designed to moisturize and protect the body against external aggression.… Read more
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Tips to get fit for Summer

Perhaps the most difficult thing of good weather arrival is to eliminate the excess that our body has suffered during Winter. Good eating habits, exercise and some body cosmetics are some key points to get it. We give you our guide to get ready for Summer, easy and effective: Do exercise Gym or at home. Be constant. Take advantage of any occasion to go walking, run or move your body. Go out, dance, go up and down the stairs, ru after the bus, … move! Avoid sweets In food or drinks (carbonated so… Read more
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Beauty tips to have a good sleep

Holidays, schedule changes, nights or evenings out, seasonal changes, among other things, can cause lack of sleep. And chronic lack of sleep may cause a chain reaction of negative consequences for the body and skin, among which we can find: collagen loss, lack of cellular renewal and epidermis repair. As a result, the skin looks dull and dry, which causes wrinkles to be formed easily. Do you want to prevent it? Follow our tips to get a better sleep:… Read more
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Carita in Perfume’s Club

Perfume’s Club is proud to announce a recent addition to our Club: CARITA. A brand with history Carita is a cosmetic’s brand with more than 60 year’s experience. It all started when sisters Marie and Rosie Carita, decided to offer their talent to the service of beauty. That was how they became the first female hairdressers in Paris. They opened La Maison de Beauté Carita, the most exclusive beauty parlour in the city, which quickly became a recognized brand that keeps on offering t… Read more
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Battle for beauty: firming, sculpture, anti-cellulite creams

How time flies! Without even realizing, we are almost in Summer: more sun, clothes off… The battle for beauty starts! Time has come over and you were not ready? Take it easy, don’t panic, there’s still time to prepare your body following a good diet, doing exercise and a little help from the right body creams, go can go through the front door.… Read more

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