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Retrosexual: the new ideal of masculine beauty

Who says that mature men do not take care of themselves? Society is changing along with the beauty trends. Men are becoming more concerned about their appearance, while a new category is born: the retrosexual. George Clooney, Hugh Laurie (House), Javier Bardem are clear examples of this XXI century man. Fifty year-olds, mature, masculine who take care of their bodies and know how to enjoy life. They use cosmetics, perfumes, implement beauty tips and tricks the same than women …… Read more
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Autumn beauty tips & tricks

Summer ends and we have to go back to daily routine: study, work and of course, beauty habits left aside during the Summer break. Hence these Autumn beauty tips and tricks that will help you regain the glow you’ve always had so “back to routine” will be easier. Relax your look Back to routine requires certain visual efforts (reading, studying, hours on the computer, tablet, mobile,…). Lack of sleep is also reinforced during this season, causing fatigue which can be reflecte… Read more
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Useful tips before you buy cosmetics

How to choose the right cosmetics In a large market as the Beauty one, buying cosmetics suitable to everbody can be quite an adventure. We will save you time and money in your search for your ideal cosmetics by giving you some tips: –  Get to know your skin type: It is essential to know which product is the best for you. Cosmetic ingredients may vary depending on the skin: oily, dry, combination, young or mature skin. If you know your skin type, it will be helpful before you make the right… Read more
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Beauty Basic Rules

Top 10 steps to be look more beautiful 1. Accept your beauty There is no single beauty standard. In fact, we could say that there are so many beauties as people. You may be the most beautiful person in the world but if you do not accept and admit this, you will never be ok with yourself. Find your beauty and natural charm. 2. Accept your genetic inheritance Big nose? Round face? Freckles? No volume in your hair? There are many suitable products for evereyone’s need and beauty tricks to conceal… Read more

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