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The Top Make-Up Trends for Spring 2016

In the coming weeks, we can expect the cold doldrums of winter to be replaced with the warm and inviting days of spring. The sun will be high in the sky, our wardrobes will be lighter and brighter and for many of us, this transition can directly equate to the make-up choices that we employ. The only issue is that it may sometimes be difficult to appreciate the most popular styles and hues which serve to accentuate this time of the year. Let us therefore have an in-depth look at the top make-up tren… Read more
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Clarins: Natural cosmetics with history

Clarins history dates back to 1954 when the French Jacques Courtin-Clarins decided to become initiated in the world of beauty producing, making and selling perfumes in a small store of 9 square metres in Paris. There was no reason to expect that, in spite of the great deal of effort and dedication, that would become (decades later) one of the most prestigious brand of cosmetics worldwide. As a result of that work, the first slimming cream based on plants was invented: Aminviste. A novelty… Read more
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How to pick a makeup foundation (part II): Texture & tone

In our previous post we gave some guidelines and tips for choosing a makeup foundation according to the skin tone and desired finish. In this one we will explain what type of foundations can be found and how to choose the right color. Makeup texture There are different types of makeup foundation according to their texture: –Fluid makeup foundation: provides luminous, long-lasting coverage. All skin types, esp. dry ones.… Read more
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How to pick a makeup foundation (I): Skin type and finish

In order to select the proper makeup foundation, you have to consider several factors: your skin type, what you want to fix in your face and your preferences for the finish and product texture. What skin type do you have? You will need to use a makeup depending on your skin type. Normal skin: You can use any makeup, depending on the finish you look for or the result you would like to obtain. Combination skin: can be dry mixed or oily mixed. Choose a make depending on it. Oily skin: Do you have a tend… Read more

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