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Tips to take care of your feet at home

The fact of having our manicures done is a regular ritual in our beauty routine, and is that we all are aware of how important it is to show perfect hands as part of a cared look. Instead, not so many times our feet receive the same attention. A major error, both as aesthetically as for health. The foot care guarantees us a smooth walking. Avoiding problems with your nails and soften the calluses will help you walk better and, therefore, it will make you feel more comfortable during your everyda… Read more

Addition concentré éclat auto-bronzant by Clarins, give a touch of color to your face

Do you still have the pale tone of winter? When spring arrives, many people are willing to show a healthier color, although we have no time to go to the beach. In these cases, a self-tanner as Addition concentré éclat auto-bronzant by Clarins can be the perfect solution. Do you want to show a luminous and healthy looking face? Find out all it can offer you Addition concentré éclat auto-bronzant.… Read more
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Autumn beauty tips & tricks

Summer ends and we have to go back to daily routine: study, work and of course, beauty habits left aside during the Summer break. Hence these Autumn beauty tips and tricks that will help you regain the glow you’ve always had so “back to routine” will be easier. Relax your look Back to routine requires certain visual efforts (reading, studying, hours on the computer, tablet, mobile,…). Lack of sleep is also reinforced during this season, causing fatigue which can be reflecte… Read more

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