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Makeup trends for summer 2017

Summer 2017 is here, and now is a great time to think about what makeup trends will be in this season and how you can work them into your makeup routine. Every year brings new fashions and new aesthetic influences, and 2017 is no exception. So, when the time comes for you to pull together your Chanel mascara and your Terracotta from Guerlain, here are just some of the looks that you could experiment with now that the sun has come out…… Read more

Make-up-tips to conceal tiredness

Returning from holidays picking up daily routine, again, with its time changes, daily stress and anxiety,… play hard with our face.  Our face is the mirror of our soul – and a stressed and tired soul will show: bags and rings under the eyes, dull skin,… definitely a sad face. Although the best medicine is to relax, sleep at least 8 hours, eat healthy food, and take life a bit easier whenever possible, we leave you with some good advice on how to camouflage tiredness with these make-up t… Read more
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Autumn beauty tips & tricks

Summer ends and we have to go back to daily routine: study, work and of course, beauty habits left aside during the Summer break. Hence these Autumn beauty tips and tricks that will help you regain the glow you’ve always had so “back to routine” will be easier. Relax your look Back to routine requires certain visual efforts (reading, studying, hours on the computer, tablet, mobile,…). Lack of sleep is also reinforced during this season, causing fatigue which can be reflecte… Read more
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The great 7 steps on Beauty problems

Thanks to the Beauty blogs, online publicity and makeup tutorials, there has been an increasing interest in cosmetics and beauty products. We know a lot about beauty but even so, there are still problems we cannot solve. We know the theory but what about the practice? Here you have some of the most common beauty problems and their suggested solutions.   MAKEUP BRUSH Problem: “My brushes are shattered and lost hair.” Solution: Wash them frequently. Residues are left i… Read more

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