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Escada Cherry In The Air: Sweet Spring

This year, good weather will smell like cherry. Escada perfume limited edition for Spring-Summer 2013 is already here: Cherry in the Air. Sweet and delicious, Escada female fragrances, Spring/Summer limited edition are a classic this season. Floral or fruity, its aromas captivate and stay with us during the most pleasant...

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Especially Escada Delicate notes: Especially Escada lighter version

If you like Especially Escada, there is a lighter version of this floral perfume for women: Especially Escada Delicate notes. As the name suggests, this new edition of Escada perfume 2011 is much more delicate and smoother, without losing its predecessor spirit: the optimism that its notes transfer and that...

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Especially Escada: floral and joyful perfume

Less than a year old and Especially Escada has become one of the best fragrances for women. Especially Escada is a female fragrance with the lively, spontaneous and glamorous spirit of modern women. A perfume for women with positive attitude towards life, living for fun, whose happiness is their strength,...

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