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Anti-Dark Spots Cosmetics

Have you started noticing some unevenness on your skin of late? Acne scars, age spots, pregnancy marks, darkened areas among other types of skin discolouration can make you feel older than your age and may prompt you to go for harsh cosmetic lightening products, surgery or several natural treatment procedures available today. … Read more

Suiskin and CellMax C, the success of the revolutionary Korean cosmetics

There are many – and good – reasons why the Korean cosmetics, the very famous K-Beauty, has become the most desired and copied cosmetic of the world! Its effectiveness, its innovation and its high quality. If you like to discover new cosmetic treatments for your skin, the Korean cosmetics will turn into your next object of desire. Its revolutionary and effective concept of care of skin treatments will completely seduce you. Among the leading brands of this Asian country we find Suis… Read more
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Anti-blemish cosmetics

The freckles and spots on the skin may occur due to genetic problems, age or because of pregnancy, but may also result from poor sun protection, the dark side of a summer of excessive sun exposure. The skin has a memory. At childhood, freckles look funny but with age they become “war” marks on our face, difficult to control once they appear, but not impossible to reduce or eliminate. In order to get help, our best allies are the anti-blemish products.… Read more
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Carita in Perfume’s Club

Perfume’s Club is proud to announce a recent addition to our Club: CARITA. A brand with history Carita is a cosmetic’s brand with more than 60 year’s experience. It all started when sisters Marie and Rosie Carita, decided to offer their talent to the service of beauty. That was how they became the first female hairdressers in Paris. They opened La Maison de Beauté Carita, the most exclusive beauty parlour in the city, which quickly became a recognized brand that keeps on offering t… Read more

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