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In summer, the best for your hair is oil

  Men and women with beautiful, healthy, shiny hair have one thing in common – the care for their hair with quality products. When summer comes around, everybody loves to soak up the sun, but with the sun come harmful UV rays. Too much sun exposure, combined with chlorine from the pool, or salt from the ocean can cause havoc with your hair. If you love sunbathing and swimming, protect your hair with quality shampoos and conditioners containing beneficial ingredients. Take care of y… Read more

Hair care tips for summer

As summer descends upon us, our thoughts start to turn to barbeques, and time at the beach. We are all mostly conscious of using skin care, and solar protection products to look after our skin, especially when laying in the sun. But we may not be as conscious about the needs of our hair during this warmer and sunnier period of the year. Here are some ideas and tips which may help.… Read more

Why should you use a hair conditioner?

Would you like to have spectacular hair? If your hair has lost its luster and no longer has the same texture, it’s time to forget about the laziness and start using a conditioner every time you wash it. From now on, shampoo and conditioner must be inseparable in your hair washing routine. And as soon as you know its advantages you’ll know why!… Read more
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Beauty tips for long hair

Long hair looks nice as long as it is well cared for. If it is damaged, it will draw more attention. Keeping your hair long takes time and effort and we often forget to dedicate the attention it deserves. In case you have long hair, do not miss to follow our easy steps to help you get a superb hair. 1. Don’t get fixated with hair wash Wash your hair in case it needs washing. Depending on the scalp (oily, dry, sensitive) hair will get dirty sooner or later. Watch out and do not wash in excess: you… Read more
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Tips to care about your skin and hair in Winter

Each season has its own features: weather, temperature,… and all this, of course, is shown on the skin. In winter, the skin is exposed to cold and wind, two agents that cause the appearance of the dry skin syndrome. Sudden changes in temperature or “thermal shock” (from 12º to 30º C) can affect the skin, weakening , making it loose smoothness. In some cases, it may cause flaking, itching and redness. In spite of having a higher risk of damage, you may look a healthy skin… Read more
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Carita in Perfume’s Club

Perfume’s Club is proud to announce a recent addition to our Club: CARITA. A brand with history Carita is a cosmetic’s brand with more than 60 year’s experience. It all started when sisters Marie and Rosie Carita, decided to offer their talent to the service of beauty. That was how they became the first female hairdressers in Paris. They opened La Maison de Beauté Carita, the most exclusive beauty parlour in the city, which quickly became a recognized brand that keeps on offering t… Read more
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Orofluido: Hair Beauty origins

Although it may sound bizarre, the use of natural oil in hair products is the oldest treatment for hair care. Ancestral oil Inspired by the beauty rituals of ancient Eastern traditions, Orofluido is the combination of three natural oils that provide shine and volume to your hair, adding immediate hydration in a natural way:… Read more

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