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Beauty tips for long hair

Long hair looks nice as long as it is well cared for. If it is damaged, it will draw more attention. Keeping your hair long takes time and effort and we often forget to dedicate the attention it deserves. In case you have long hair, do not miss to follow...

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5 tips to get luminous skin

Does your skin become dull? Recover your glowing skin with our tips to get a luminous and radiant skin: Fix a daily skin care system It is quite important to go thorough cleansing ritual to start your clarifying and illuminating routine. Remember the 3 steps: cleanse, tone up and hydrate....

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Elizabeth Arden: much more than a cosmetic brand

This American Brand celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2010 in the world of beauty. Cosmetics, makeup, perfumes… all kind of products created according to the global beauty concept. And all this thanks to one woman: Elizabeth Arden, a pioneer at the time. Elizabeth Arden: a woman that made history “To...

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