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Miss Dior: First Dior Perfume

Christian Dior said: “Make me a fragrance that smells love”. And his wishes became orders. We will tell you the history of this mythical perfume. Miss Dior: Origin Maison Dior was born in 1947. The same year, Dior launched his innovative collection of Haute Couture called “New Look”. Changes were underway … and those changes had the form of perfume: Miss Dior. The fragrance name arose from the appearance of the designer sister, Missy Dior in Christian Dior workshop and the exc… Read more
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Perfumes by Terry: Haute parfumerie now within your reach

We continue to incorporate new brands for exclusive perfumes on Perfumes Club. Haute perfumery, not so popular but quite desirable among the most exquisite perfume lovers such as Serge Lutens perfumes, which we talked about in a previous post. Here, we introduce fragrances By Terry. By Terry perfume brand owns its name to Terry de Gunzburg, who, after breaking off her studies about Medicine, decided to enter the beauty world, studying in the prestigious School of sisters Carita (Mari… Read more
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Eau de Lacoste Pour Femme: Simple sensuality

Eau de Lacoste Pour Femme is the new Lacoste woman perfume that attempts to capture the Lacoste spirit. Simple sensuality based on delicate flowers and pure white cotton on the skin. Modern, iconic, quite simple. This Lacoste female scent is made on the basis of a classic fragrance. This scent softly moves from outer to background notes in a perfect fusion of modern components with traditional ingredients giving place to a profile of light and smooth aroma. Eau de Lacoste pour Femme is a f… Read more
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Kid’s perfumes

We all know that little kids also like smelling good, so these are some of the best kid’s perfumes: Petits et Mamans by Bvlgari The jewelry & perfumes brand Bvlgari has its own line of kid’s fragrances. The main star is Petits et Mamans perfume, a scent launched in 1998, which has become a classic and catches at first smell. It is not a traditional and usual odor in children and infants colonies traditional. Aromatic notes of petit grain, tangerine, peach, iris and vanilla high… Read more
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Christmas ideas to give away, 2012-2013 (I): Woman perfumes

Many gifts, limited budget and a few ideas…It’s Christmas time! But do not worry, that’s what we’ll do on Perfume’s Club: give you a hand with this “Santa Claus Mission”. Here are some suggestions for woman perfumes to give away this Christmas: feminine fragrances to suit all tastes and personalities. We find it quite difficult to select among the number of perfume sets that we have available on our online store, but after working hard, we can sugge… Read more

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