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Escada Cherry In The Air: Sweet Spring

This year, good weather will smell like cherry. Escada perfume limited edition for Spring-Summer 2013 is already here: Cherry in the Air. Sweet and delicious, Escada female fragrances, Spring/Summer limited edition are a classic this season. Floral or fruity, its aromas captivate and stay with us during the most pleasant days of the year. Inspired by the fresh scent of cherry blossom, Cherry in the Air shows us the arrival of the good weather: warm, sunny and relaxing days. Light, colo… Read more
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Miss Dior: First Dior Perfume

Christian Dior said: “Make me a fragrance that smells love”. And his wishes became orders. We will tell you the history of this mythical perfume. Miss Dior: Origin Maison Dior was born in 1947. The same year, Dior launched his innovative collection of Haute Couture called “New Look”. Changes were underway … and those changes had the form of perfume: Miss Dior. The fragrance name arose from the appearance of the designer sister, Missy Dior in Christian Dior workshop and the exc… Read more
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Winter Skin Care Tips: Snow Protection

We are used to relate dehydration and sun protection to Summer & high temperatures but during Winter time, the skin becomes dehydrated as well and needs extra care, esp. if you go skiing or are in contact with the snow. The sun reflected on a surface as white as snow, bounces intensively (reflecting 80% of ultraviolet rays) and its effect is enhanced by increasing the skin risks. Furthermore, when we are at a high altitude, the closer we are from the sun. Therefore, you need to use facial… Read more
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Armani Code Femme Luna: a fragrance with legend

If you like Armani perfumes, you’re lucky. The new female fragrance from the Italian designer arrives to Perfumes Club: Armani Code Femme Luna, inspired by the moon dreaming power and femininity. This new perfume is a new version of the classic Armani Code Femme, with some changes. Armani Code Femme Luna eau sensuelle is a fresh floral eau de toilette, quite Mediterranean, being orange blossom the main star ( a characteristic in Armani perfumes and first version of the fragrance) and… Read more
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How to pick a makeup foundation (I): Skin type and finish

In order to select the proper makeup foundation, you have to consider several factors: your skin type, what you want to fix in your face and your preferences for the finish and product texture. What skin type do you have? You will need to use a makeup depending on your skin type. Normal skin: You can use any makeup, depending on the finish you look for or the result you would like to obtain. Combination skin: can be dry mixed or oily mixed. Choose a make depending on it. Oily skin: Do you have a tend… Read more
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Aromatherapy: Pranarôm essential oils

Perfume’s Club, your online perfumery would like to start this new year in relax and with good scents. And another addition to the perfume family: AROMATHERAPY. Basically, Pranarôm aromatherapy. Would you like to know this Therapeutic technique better? Aromatherapy is a branch of herbal medicine based on the use of concentrated plant oils called essential oils to improve physical and mental health or both together. Unlike the herbalist’s (shop), these essential oils ar… Read more
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Redken: Science for hair

The product’s family from Perfumes Club continues to grow. We are proud to introduce a new brand for professional hair care: REDKEN. For those who did not hear about this brand, we will talk about it in this post. A brand with background Redken Laboratories were founded in 1960, inspired by the American actress Paula Kent. In the 60’s they used many hair products to change looks and as advances in this area were less important than today, the actresses’ hair was constantly exposed to… Read more
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Christmas ideas to give away, 2012-2013 (I): Woman perfumes

Many gifts, limited budget and a few ideas…It’s Christmas time! But do not worry, that’s what we’ll do on Perfume’s Club: give you a hand with this “Santa Claus Mission”. Here are some suggestions for woman perfumes to give away this Christmas: feminine fragrances to suit all tastes and personalities. We find it quite difficult to select among the number of perfume sets that we have available on our online store, but after working hard, we can sugge… Read more
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Makeup for green eyes

Talking about eye makeup what really matters is the contrast and the most contrasting shades are the opposite ones to make up green eyes and get the best out of them. Have a look at the shades: Soft colors Peach, coral,…create soft contrast with the green iris, add luminosity and are ideal for an everyday look. Sensai Eyeshadow Palette Color #02 or Chanel Les 4 Ombres Color #34-Éclosion have beautiful soft colors that you will love.  … Read more
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Estée Lauder Double Wear: most wanted makeup

In 1946, a woman decided to fulfill her plan of enhancing feminine beauty. That woman was Estée Lauder. She managed to launch her ​​first fragrance in 1953: Youth Dew, from a few bottles of cosmetics manufactured by her uncle, who was a chemist. Since then, Estée Lauder has become one of the most prestigious brands for cosmetics, makeup and perfumes worldwide, combining innovation, quality and woman care. Today we want to mention one of her most famous and successful makeup lines… Read more

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