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Lab Series: cosmetics for men

Men also need to take care of themselves. It’s not enough to “borrow” your partner’s hydrating cream once in a while. Men need to use products esp. made for them. Lab series (Aramis) is a line of cosmetics for men for skin care and male hair on the basis of the investigations about men needs. Aramis Lab Series bases its male beauty ritual in 3 points: cleansing, shaving and treatment, essential to get a healthy skin.  Lab Series Skincare for Men is composed of 4 lines of beauty prod… Read more
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Perfumes by Terry: Haute parfumerie now within your reach

We continue to incorporate new brands for exclusive perfumes on Perfumes Club. Haute perfumery, not so popular but quite desirable among the most exquisite perfume lovers such as Serge Lutens perfumes, which we talked about in a previous post. Here, we introduce fragrances By Terry. By Terry perfume brand owns its name to Terry de Gunzburg, who, after breaking off her studies about Medicine, decided to enter the beauty world, studying in the prestigious School of sisters Carita (Mari… Read more
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Clarins: Natural cosmetics with history

Clarins history dates back to 1954 when the French Jacques Courtin-Clarins decided to become initiated in the world of beauty producing, making and selling perfumes in a small store of 9 square metres in Paris. There was no reason to expect that, in spite of the great deal of effort and dedication, that would become (decades later) one of the most prestigious brand of cosmetics worldwide. As a result of that work, the first slimming cream based on plants was invented: Aminviste. A novelty… Read more
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Serge Lutens Perfumes: Niche Fragrances

The perfume’s family continues to grow! This time, Serge Lutens perfumes joins the Club of Perfume as an exclusive member: a French niche perfume. Serge Lutens is a French designer who began his career in the world of beauty hair care, designing haircuts and later he tried with makeup, being responsible for the creation of Carita. He was also a photographer of the models whom he did combing and makeup and he even became film director of short films and advertising campaigns. At 21, Vogue… Read more
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How to pick a makeup foundation (part II): Texture & tone

In our previous post we gave some guidelines and tips for choosing a makeup foundation according to the skin tone and desired finish. In this one we will explain what type of foundations can be found and how to choose the right color. Makeup texture There are different types of makeup foundation according to their texture: –Fluid makeup foundation: provides luminous, long-lasting coverage. All skin types, esp. dry ones.… Read more
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Beauty tips to have a good sleep

Holidays, schedule changes, nights or evenings out, seasonal changes, among other things, can cause lack of sleep. And chronic lack of sleep may cause a chain reaction of negative consequences for the body and skin, among which we can find: collagen loss, lack of cellular renewal and epidermis repair. As a result, the skin looks dull and dry, which causes wrinkles to be formed easily. Do you want to prevent it? Follow our tips to get a better sleep:… Read more
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Gold perfumes: Luxury scents

Gold is the color of luxury, elegance, style and as such, we can also find it in perfumes. Have a look at some of the gold perfumes that you can find on our online perfume shop: LUXURY SCENTS 1 Million & Lady Million by Paco Rabanne Two new classic fragrances among the most desired. Gold, Paco Rabanne’s favorite substance, has the leading role in these two young scents, in turn, adult fragrances. Lady Million is a sweet and intense fragrance, enjoyable and addictive. Neroli, bitt… Read more
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J’Adore perfume: Dior created woman

Since Christian Dior began his career as a designer, he pursued a maximum goal: to boost woman femininity and beauty. So some decades later, J’adore perfume was born: a fruity floral fragrance, Eau de parfum or Eau de toilette. The bottle gives off femininity with its prominent curves and slim neck. Its floral notes and golden tone contribute to that image “Diorness” typical of Dior high couture, made ​​of elegance and refinement, even the last detail.… Read more
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I LOEWE ME: the new youthful and rebellious Loewe perfume

Whenever we think about Loewe, concepts as “luxury”, “elegance” or “class” come to our mind. As in fashion and accessories, Loewe perfumes are classics in the world of fragrances, whether female or male. It seems that this year, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the prestigious Spanish firm, Loewe wanted to break off its traditional and classic image, move with the times, looking for a younger audience, without losing its essence.… Read more
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DOT, the new fragrance by Marc Jacobs

If you are among those who love original fragrances, you’ll surely like Marc Jacobs perfumes. This young designer always bets on attractive and funny designs for his female fragrance bottles. We’ve heard before about Daisy, Lola, Oh, Lola! and now he catches our attention with his new perfume Dot, a fragrance inspired by the so timeless spot pattern. Marc Jacobs, young American designer was introduced to the perfume world in 2001, hand in hand with Coty. Marc Jacobs Woman was his fi… Read more

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