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Tricks to control frizzy hair

No matter the season, some hair sufferers live their worst nightmare throughout the year: curliness. Humid climates, fine hair or dehydrated, poorly defined curls, … there are many causes and consequences for frizzy hair. We will provide some easy steps to control frizzy hair: 1. Avoid daily hair wash Daily...

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5 tips for blow drying hair in Summer

1. During the Summer season, you can let hair air out. If you avoid it because your hair tends to frizz, there are lots of anti-frizz products that will help you control it and enjoy your natural hair. Advice: the air space where you are must circulate and be renewed...

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Orofluido: Hair Beauty origins

Although it may sound bizarre, the use of natural oil in hair products is the oldest treatment for hair care. Ancestral oil Inspired by the beauty rituals of ancient Eastern traditions, Orofluido is the combination of three natural oils that provide shine and volume to your hair, adding immediate hydration...

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