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Winter Skin Care Tips: Snow Protection

We are used to relate dehydration and sun protection to Summer & high temperatures but during Winter time, the skin becomes dehydrated as well and needs extra care, esp. if you go skiing or are in contact with the snow. The sun reflected on a surface as white as snow,...

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Sunglasses history

Although it may seem a very modern invention, the sunglasses have been around for centuries. There are theories that place their appearance in the Roman Empire (quartz crystals were dyed for sun protection during performances) or Eskimo territories for over 2000 years. However, most studies place the origin of sunglasses...

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Tips for choosing the right sunglasses

We love the sun, the endorphins that it produces and the healthy skin color that it provides. But not everything is positive … Ultraviolet radiation is dangerous if you do not protect your eyes and skin. Excessive exposure to sunlight without adequate protection can cause irreparable damage to our eyes...

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