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Woody Perfumes for Autumn

Autumn is the perfect time to try out something woodsy and earthy when it comes to your scent. Fortunately, there are lots of perfumes out there that fit the bill. If you’re looking for autumn perfumes as the weather turns cool, these are wonderful choices that you’re going to love.… Read more
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Spring Perfumes for Women

As we leave winter behind and see spring come from around the corner in to full view, the trend and scent of popular perfumes for women begins to shift to dictate the changing weather and changing attitudes both in a personal sense and in a fashion sense. The winter months are generally seen in a perfume sense to evoke a feeling of warmth, oaky depth and home comfort, whereas when the playfulness of the spring months greets us, we see a swerve in the direction of more floral, lighter and less hea… Read more
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Boss Nuit Pour Femme: the elegance of the night in a perfume bottle

If the black night gown is a “must” in your wardrobe, Boss Nuit Pour Femme is the right perfume that best combines. The new Boss fragrance pretends to be a “must” among your perfumes. Why? Because of the following… Boss Nuit Pour Femme is inspired by the feminine elegance of one of the greatest symbols of fashion: the ‘little black dress’. A garment that represents its own elegance and should never be missing in a woman’s closet.… Read more
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“La vie est belle”: Life is beautiful for Lancôme

Lancôme has tried to go further with its new fragrance, La vie est belle. More than a fragrance, a whole manifest has been created about true happiness.  More than a fragrance La vie est belle is a woman perfume with soul, a categorical statement, an ode to freedom. In a world dominated by constraints and limitations, Lancôme proposes women to break this rule and free themselves in order to achieve happiness. Happiness is the freedom to choose our own way.… Read more

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