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Hello Spring! Tips for your skin care

It may not feel like it yet, but spring is finally just around the corner. As the days get longer and the sun starts showing its face more and more, many of us make big changes. We put away our coats and boots, clean the house from top to bottom, and throw away all those old knick-knacks we were holding onto ‘just in case’.… Read more


Women of today have a very active life and spend many hours away from home, working and doing many activities that require us to be always perfect. Obviously, our makeup can’t stand this pace and needs to be retouched from time to time. What do you need to carry in your makeup bag to be always perfect? We recommend you some essential makeup products to carry in your bag that will help you retouch your look at any time. Would you like to prepare your makeup bag with us? … Read more

Makeup trends for summer 2014

  Naturally, with the summer months fast approaching, most of us will be reaching for the bronzer this spring to get our warm glow off to a healthy start. You can work the magic just like a catwalk diva using Clinique’s fabulous range of lightweight products. Summer trends are all about illumination, and their eye shadow colours will combine beautifully with your shimmering skin. Draw on a couple of cute freckles for a truly sun-kissed in Ibiza look. Clinique are known for their qu… Read more

Yves Saint Laurent: Makeup, Cosmetics and Luxury Perfumes

  Founded in 1961, Yves Saint Laurent is one of the major fashion houses in the world. In 1966, it was the first high-couture brand to launch the modern concept of prêt-à-porter women’s luxury through a collection named «Rive Gauche». Throughout the years, its innovative styles have become icons of cultural and artistic reference, and its founder, Yves Saint Laurent, made sure to give a solid reputation to Yves Saint Laurent makeup, perfumes, cosmetics and design product… Read more
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Perfumes by Terry: Haute parfumerie now within your reach

We continue to incorporate new brands for exclusive perfumes on Perfumes Club. Haute perfumery, not so popular but quite desirable among the most exquisite perfume lovers such as Serge Lutens perfumes, which we talked about in a previous post. Here, we introduce fragrances By Terry. By Terry perfume brand owns its name to Terry de Gunzburg, who, after breaking off her studies about Medicine, decided to enter the beauty world, studying in the prestigious School of sisters Carita (Mari… Read more

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